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Med Tech Gurus

Mar 31, 2021

Gurus, this episode is jammed packed with value!  Clive Smith is a self-described compulsive problem solver. Clive has been the CEO of Thinklabs Medical for 30 years.

His story demonstrates that early on he called a bank CEO as a student an compelling him to give him a loan to come to the US  from South Africa to study electrical engineering.

Clive uses that story to discuss that nobody these days is really out of reach.

Clive goes on to discuss how they became renown in acoustics and have developed some very dynamic improvements to the stethoscope.

He then discusses why understanding your customers workflow is so important in new product development and understanding how your product will work in practice.

Listen in as Clive brings us some amazing insights into the medical device world and how Covid changed everything.

 Gurus you are going to really appreciate the terrific insights Clive brings us in episode # 79!