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Med Tech Gurus

Jul 21, 2021

Gurus, episode # 95 is so jammed packed.

Dr. Charles “Chuck” Fisher Jr. has so many terrific insights. You will be riveted as he discusses his time as a special operations leader in Iraq where he had two direct hits to the chest by high caliber bullets. Then how he later met the man who developed the very body armor that saved his life.

Listen in as he discusses how the leadership skills he learned in the military had direct application to the corporate world.

You will want to take notes as Chuck covers the 4 keys to success with any new venture.

Then there is the discussion of why it so important that everyone has a voice in the process and why that will maintain good people in your organization.

Gurus this is an episode you will want to listen to several times over as it is so loaded with terrific insights on building teams, a company and achieving the outcomes you want for the patients and clinicians you serve!