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Med Tech Gurus

May 18, 2022

Gurus this is a very special episode. We have brought back some very good friends of Med Tech Gurus back with us. Ms. Audrey Sherman & Mr. Del Lawson! If these names sound familiar Audrey was with us in Episode #35 at the time she was the holder of upwards of 135 patents and was actually a question on the game show Jeopardy. Del was with us in episode # 39 and brought us insights as to why you always need to keep the patient in mind when developing a medical product.

Audrey and Del give us some very interesting insights as to how 3 M launch a new product in under a year! This wasn’t just a product extension but indeed a brand new technology. Gurus 3 M as we all know is a large organization. What is interesting and exciting is they discuss the achievements, the setbacks, the communication and transparency that it took to get this done in 12 months.

Gurus sit back and get ready for a truly amazing Med Tech Gurus with Audrey and Del!