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Med Tech Gurus

Jun 16, 2021

Featuring: Fazila Seker, PH.D Co-founder & CEO of Molli Surgical and Ananth Ravi, PH.D Co-Founder and Chief Science & Clinical Officer at Molli Surgical

Gurus you will enjoy listening to this episode as Dr. Seker and Dr. Ravi discuss such terrific topics as;

Why is trust so important? Especially with your patients and clinicians. Why is establishing a trusting relationship with your investors so important?

Gurus Dr. Seker and Dr. Ravi bring more. As you get ready to launch your technology you will hear a lot on “no”s . You will hear why it is important to establish your own tribe and work with them to test each stage of your product development. They stress why it is important to fail fast.

Gurus you will love the terrific insights that Dr. Seker & Dr Ravi bring!