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Med Tech Gurus

Jan 31, 2024

Mr. Sandeep Makkar, Global President of MedTech Endomechanical & Energy at Johnson & Johnson

Is our Guru in this episode.  Sandeep delivers a master class in innovation and go to market preparation. This episode is a MUST listen no matter what your current role is in Medtech. Sandeep delivers amazing insights, get out...

Jan 24, 2024

Mark Carbone CEO of PN Medical is our Guru in this episode.

Mark brings valuable insight into how you and your team can develop a 10X mindset.

He goes beyond that and also gets into the 3% rule and why every entreprenuer needs to know what this is AND plan for it.

Mark really delivers in this episode!

Jan 17, 2024

Chris Danek, PH.D CEO of Bessel brings such value in this episode.

We get into why your team should have a daily stand up with all of the stakeholders. Chris provides insights into how this simple exercise can avoid a great deal of wasted time and bring innovation.

Chris discusses, even thought it might be tempting you...

Jan 10, 2024

Amy West Head of US Digital Transformation for Novo Nordisk bring terrific value in this episode! She gets into developing academic partnerships for the innovative process.

Amy doesn’t stop there she brings some unique insights into Health Equity and why it is now more important than ever.

You will enjoy Amy’s...

Jan 3, 2024

In this episode of Med Tech Gurus we have John Roach President at Resultant.

John brings us some fantastic insights around the human touch and digital impact on HHS.

He also brings us insights into design thinking and breaking through patterns that inspire innovation. 
John really delivers in this episode!