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Med Tech Gurus

Apr 14, 2021

This episode features an amazing Guru! Dr. Loew, she has some amazing experience integrating science, business and the clinician  to deliver differentiated value to patients. Most recently, she was Vice President, Head R&D Strategy and Planning at BristolMyers Squibb where she led portfolio strategy and operations. This included shaping BMS’s strategy and portfolio to deliver strong competitive positioning in immuno-oncology, immunoscience, fibrosis and cardiovascular, together with a new fit-for-purpose operating model.

Dr. Loew provides deep insights into product development, bringing stakeholder value and recruiting the right type of investor for your organization! Dr. Loew doesn’t stop there, you will love here discussion around her “fit for purpose” model for development of technologies!

Gurus you will really enjoy Dr. Loew as she demonstrates that she truly is a Guru!