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Med Tech Gurus

Sep 7, 2022

I am so excited to have such amazing Gurus on this episode : Zane Hammoud, MD Chief of General Thoracic Surgery Ascension Providence Hospital System and Tom O’Brien Worldwide President of J & J Ethicon Endomechanical Division. This is a follow up episode from episode #143 where Tom was with us to discuss innovation and the importance of data in product development.

This episode builds on that as Tom & Dr. Hammoud get into why TRUST is so important in the innovation process. Why a trusting relationship between a clinician and innovator is so important.
Dr. Hammoud takes us through the fact that it is much more than the relationship. It’s the comfort that he and his colleagues can give an innovator a list of 8 or 10 recommended improvements or enhancements and they actually listen and come back with solid improvements in the recommended areas.

Gurus the path to innovation is never linear you will love the insights that these two Gurus bring us on how to overcome the challenges and really deliver for your stakeholders and the patients they serve!