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Med Tech Gurus

Jan 12, 2022

Gurus, in the next two episodes we are embarking on a journey from a new product concept to first use.

In Part 1 we have Ken Braganca Vice President of Operations of Designs for Vision with us. Ken gets into the best practices of taking a concept and shepherding it through engineering, prototyping and production.


Jan 5, 2022

Gurus Fred Carpinteiro CEO of Adapttech brings us some terrific insights. He discusses why it is more than just the technology that makes for a successful startup. We get into why simplicity is often better than an “elegant” solution. Then why you should do what makes sense. Gurus, Fred brings us some insights on...

Dec 22, 2021

From a Pitcher to a Ted Talk Presenter! Gurus in this episode I have an all encompassing conversation with Mr Will Rosellini President of CytoImmunne.

Will has an amazing background with several Master’s Degrees from the University of Texas at Dallas and a JD. He has delivered a Ted talk and has been a serial...

Dec 15, 2021

Gurus, this episode is so action packed. Mr. Ward Detwilier CEO of SpinTech MRI really delivers. Listen is as we get into how you as a leader can unlock creativity and potential.

Ward discusses why one must be passionate about innovation to expect your team to be. Along with that innovation isn't always product based it...

Dec 8, 2021

Gurus, why is it so important to start collecting data. Data on your performance, outcomes. Customer satisfaction. No matter how basic your measurement tools are the important thing is to start measuring.

Mr. Hari Prasad CEO of Yosi Health provides us insights to why this is key for any company. Without KPIs how do you...