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Med Tech Gurus

Feb 28, 2024

In today’s episode of Med Tech Gurus we have Dr. Doron Behar Founder and CEO of Igentify is our Guru. We had an amazing conversation around innovation and launching new products. Dr. Behar’s discussion about streamlining development and commercialization is a 3 minute master class on how to launch a product.


Feb 21, 2024

In today’s episode of Med Tech Gurus we have Dr. Keith Thompson, Chief Medical Officer at Nuralogix.

Keith and I get into some terrific discussions about the strengths and weaknesses of AI and what the future holds. We also get into how AI & Machine learning has the potential of addressing many of the health equity...

Feb 14, 2024

Mr. Seth Bogner Chairman & CEO at Heartpoint Global brings terrific insights into what it takes to launch a product in the healthcare space. Seth gets into keeping top notch individuals engaged in the mission.

He doesn’t stop there we also draw on his long time experience as an investor and deal maker and how you as...

Feb 7, 2024

Gurus, Mr. Paul Travers CEO of Vuzix is our Guru in this episode.

In this episode Paul brings some amazing insights into the future of AR and its applications in Medical Device Technologies. Paul brings some terrific insights on what it takes to build effective partnerships and OEM relationships.

We get into the...