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Med Tech Gurus

Dec 1, 2021

Gurus, you are going to love this episode. From a D1 Hockey Player at The Ohio State University to CEO of Aseptiscope Mr. Scott Mader has had an amazing career. Along with his hockey experience Scott graduated from Ohio State with a degree in BioChemistry. His career path took him to several innovative companies leading up to his being CEO at AseptiScope.

Scott covers why your product development needs to be evidenced based. He discusses why the development of evidence for a product is every bit as important as development of the physical product.

Scott discusses how to develop a culture of innovation and why it is so important to align your teams to a key outcome.
Scott doesn’t stop there, listen in as he gets into how Covid created new rules and how those rules have impacted Med Tech start ups!

You are going to love listening to Scott Mader he brings us amazing information and demonstrates why he is a GURU!