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Med Tech Gurus

Jan 12, 2022

Gurus, in the next two episodes we are embarking on a journey from a new product concept to first use.

In Part 1 we have Ken Braganca Vice President of Operations of Designs for Vision with us. Ken gets into the best practices of taking a concept and shepherding it through engineering, prototyping and production.

Ken discusses why good enough is just not good enough and why persistence is so important in any new concept.

Gurus, this will be a fun journey and I hope you find the discussions with Ken as informative as I did! Then as a teaser for part 2 we have Dr. Theodore Schwartz an amazing Neurosurgeon and Key Opinion Leader and he will get into the steps that lead to his first use of this interesting technology.

So get ready of part one of “From Concept To First Use”